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Adoptees Name Yasser Al Qahtani
Adopted By William Galloway
Adoption Date 05/07/2007
Adoption Story  
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You have received your very own Yasser Al Qahtani (born October 20, 1982). ASaudi Arabian football (soccer) player. He currently plays in the Saudi Arabian national football team and for Al-Hilal. In 2005, He moved from Al-Qadisiya club to Al-Hilal for about US $20 million dollars. This deal was the largest deal ever to have been made in Saudi Arabia. He played in the 2006 FIFA World Cup where he scored a goal against with Tunisia. He is definitely the best striker Saudi Arabia has right now, with his impressive dribbling skills, phenomenal speed and goal scoring abilities. There has been rumours that he might be joining a club in Europe. In 2006, his club rejected a move for him to Barcelona FC replacement of Eto'o or Ronaldinho. However, Al-Hilal rejected the offer. he is one of the favorites to win the 2007 asian cup players of the tournament. Wow. Oh no, wait. Oh sorry, wrong Yasser Al Qahtani. I just bought you a sheep instead. It was cheaper. Happy Bi-decade x
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